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Window Cleaning Services

Our team uses a state of art window cleaning machine which provides the best possible result. Due to this equipment’s functionality, we are able to access windows and solar panels that are unreachable under normal circumstances due to height restrictions and also windows on an incline.

For our client’s this means that the task is more efficient and reduces the effect it has on guests and the overall running of any establishment.

Builders Services

Builders Cleaning and Refurbishment Cleaning

  • Clean home ready for new tenant after refurbishment including removal of builders dust, wiping down all work surfaces, vacuum carpets and mop hard floors, clean bathrooms, clean windows and any other work required.
  • Clean home ready for sale after construction including internal and external clean, removal of builders dust wiping down all work surfaces, vacuum carpets and mop hard floors, clean bathrooms, clean windows and any other work required.

Holiday Cleaning Services

Vacating Clean ( to clean between guests)

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep and mop all hard floors
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean shower and toilet
  • Polish mirrors
  • Wipe down all work surfaces and dust
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean wall fittings and surrounds
  • Clean all interior windows and sills
  • Clean all ceiling fans
  • Dust all light fittings
  • Vacuum skirting boards
  • Clean cupboard doors and surrounds
  • Deodorise
  • Replace linen and take linen away to be washed

Storm Clean Up

When Queensland’s Storm Season is upon us, you can call our well trained and fully insured professionals at Freedom Advantage who have all the tools needed to restore your house or business to its former beauty.

  • Remove Storm Debris
  • Clean gutters
  • Prune and cut back damaged garden plants
  • Remove fallen and broken branches
  • We will work hard to get your property tidy and manageable again.

Extra services

Solar Panel Cleaning

Not getting the most out of your solar panel output maybe it’s time for a clean. We have the top-quality equipment and chemicals to get your solar panels looking brand new again and increasing its output.

Upholstery Cleaning

Got a couch that needs a new lease of life, or had a bad spill or stain, with our top of the line equipment and chemicals your beloved couch will look brand near new again.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Thinking your roof needs a new paint, think again. With us we can get your roof looking near new again with our state of the ark equipment we can get rid off that built up grime and dirt.

Have a clogged gutter, we got you covered, any issues we can fix and get your gutters running smoothly again in time for the rainy season.

Have been hit with a storm got a big mess to clean up give us a call and we can come out and give you a quote to get your place looking amazing again.

Wall Cleaning

Have marks on your walls, dirt marks, we can get rid of them for you so you don’t have to. At affordable prices we have you covered.

Oven Cleaning

Got stubborn burnt on fats and oils in your oven. With Freedom Advantage we have experienced staff when it comes to removing all the built-up grime, food, oils and fats. We guarantee to make your oven looking brand new and smelling great again.

We are also experts at BBQ Cleaning to bring your barbecue back to life,

Mattress Cleaning

Your mattress is one of the most used pieces of furniture. On average we spend 56 hours a week, so the amount of dead skin, sweat and everything else is embed themselves into your mattress.

By getting Freedom Advantage in to maintain your mattress every 6 months, this will keep your mattress clean and dust mite free for at least 6 months. And give you that piece of mind.

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They did a good job. They were on time. They said they will be there and they were. Polite and very nice people. I would certainly have them to do it again. The job was worth it for its cost.

Freedom Advantage Stars five

David & from Hervey Bay


Very easy to deal with, professional and able to work around my times available. The clean and carpet clean were well done and at a good price, would recommend and use again.

Freedom Advantage Stars five

Tracy from Buderim


Paul did a fabulous job. It probably took longer than anticipated but my windows and doors are crystal clear. Love it!
Freedom Advantage Stars five

Peter W from Hervey Bay